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General Medicine: naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers, so they can diagnose and treat most ailments from skin conditions to abdominal pain. As a family doctor, Dr. Sam sees a range of patients (infants to elderly) and uses a variety of tools to diagnose and identify the cause of the main complaint. Naturopathic medicine uses a whole body approach to treating illness, so all systems are considered in the treatment of specific complaints. In addition wellness checks for children and adults are encouraged.

Nutritional Counseling: Food as medicine is a technique used commonly in the practice of Dr. Sam. Food allergies, diet choices, nutritional supplements, and consciousness of food are often considered on an individual level.

Women’s health: hormones, birth control options, well woman exams, menstrual complaints, menopausal symptoms, fertility, breastfeeding support, and acute gyn complaints are all common conditions treated at Docere: Naturopathic Wellness. Pelvic health is a cornerstone in Dr. Sam’s practice using individualized protocols and conscious awareness of energetic and physiologic balance. Holistic Pelvic Care is a focus of her practice.

Pediatrics: From newborns to adolescents, pediatric care is considered the foundation in the prevention of future illness and the establishment of a solid physical/mental/spiritual well-being. Using gentle techniques, most acute and chronic childhood conditions are treated effectively.

Birth Support: Trained extensively in natural childbirth, Dr. Sam advocates for empowered birth experiences. She offers education and support for families interested in experiencing a pregnancy, labor, and delivery that is safe and supportive for mother and baby.

Stress Management: Perception of stress is the determining factor in how one responds to stress in life. Utilizing deep breathing techniques, yoga, exercise programs, and other management techniques designed for the individual, this perception can be altered. The whole body is dramatically affected when stress is managed effectively.

Health Care Products: Docere: Naturopathic Wellness offers a full medicinary of herbs, homeopathics, nutritional support, and other substances used to support the body. The pharmacy is available to the public, and various discounts are available.

Group and individual detoxification programs: Supporting detox and elimination is an important key to longevity and sustainability. Everyone interested in cleansing the body is welcome to join a group or see Dr. Sam for individual guidance. There are monthly group cleanses starting. Contact Dr. Sam for the next dates or make an appointment to address specific issues.

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